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Welcome To CisneSoft Website

It all started as a hobby. Being an user of the new technologies and gadgets the idea of having some apps that will help on the normal day routines just come naturally. It was a self-learning road, the IOS apps were created using Xcode program from Apple. Beginning without a clue and not much free time, it took three mounts just to make the TCP Counter. This App was a way to learn and also to respond to some requests of the cabin crew.


The other Apps, specially the A320 Weight and Balance, I imagine what a good way to cross check quickly the manual Loadsheet. When one of us does the Loadsheet and then the other has to crosscheck, I came across, that sometimes due to lack of time the errors pass without notice. So, with this App, is so easy and fast to make the calculations, that we can crosscheck in a mater of seconds the results.